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Church - Our Vision

The Church’s Vision

        7/12 - CURRENT

Pastor Tim Fowler walks us through the vision of the church.

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Who is a God like you?

P.I.T. Glenn Lewis talks about the real God.

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Why Forgiveness? Why Humility?

Associate Pastor Dennis Bivins discusses why we need forgiveness and why we need humility?

Watch Now 2015 August 2 - ASL

Conditions of Salvation

P.I.T. James Shugart discusses the conditions of Salvation.

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The Cross Was Enough


P.I.T. Jeff De Ruyscher discusses God’s Grace.

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Our Biggest Problem Is…

P.I.T. Jon Osborne discusses Our Biggest Problem.

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Riding with the Devil

P.I.T. Ray Judd discusses his ride with the Devil.

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