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Time Management

The Five Love Languages (Series)

        2/1 - 3/1

Society tells us how to love one another and how we should treat those we love, but what does God say about how we should do this?

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Choose to be like Christ - Evening


Associate Pastor Dennis Bivins shows us that we should choose to be like Christ. He covers different characteristics of Christ and how he is someone we should want to follow.

If you died today, where would you spend eternity? - Evening


Would you spend eternity in heaven or hell? Associate Pastor James Shugart walks us through salvation using FAITH.       

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What seeds are you planting? - Evening


Associate Pastor Dale Fowler reviews Mark 13:1-23 and shows us that we need to be more mindful of what seeds we are planting.

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Time to Celebrate!


The House of Agape visits to help us celebrate the ordaining of two of their Elders and the ordaining of one of their Pastors Anthony McCuin. We also license one of our own, Jeff De Ruyscher.

From Never, To Yes Lord! - Evening


Have you ever said, “I could Never do that!” To the Lord? P.I.T. Jeff De Ruyscher walks us through when he said never Lord and how that all changed for him.

Watch Now Watch Now 2015 Mar 8

Time Management

       3/15 - Current

Society tells us how to live our lives and to manage our time. Through this series we will find out how to manage one second, one minute, one hour, one day, and our eternity.

Watch Now The Five Love Languages