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Christmas Giving

Jo Anne and I raised three kids through many Christmas's and for many years. There were some great years where we could give the kids anything they wanted and then there were those early years where it was a struggle to give them much of anything. The answer to a lot of our struggles seemed to come in the form of plastic. Many times, we ran up credit cards so that we could give gifts that were bright and shiny on Christmas morning but by summer the only thing we could see were the lingering bills. We were giving stuff and getting bills.  You may be thinking this what your Christmas looks like too.

Of all the gift’s you have given and received the best gift you can give is to your church.  When you give to The Body, God receives the gifts, glories in the love, and multiplies the gift. Most often there is an eternal destiny that is changed. Your financial gifts have already made a difference. This year we have seen many people give their hearts to Jesus. We have seen broken marriages restored and friends who have lost loved ones helped through that time of grief.

Your gifts allow The Body to send financial support to our ministry partner church in Cuba where people make $20 a month. The Body's support provides the necessary funds for Pastor Oscar to plant additional churches, send missionaries out from his local congregations, hold summer VBS programs, and operate productive farms that provide for Pastors, their families and other needy people in the community while also changing lives for Christ.

We also supported sister church in the Philippines as they strive to spread the Word of God. They feed over 300 local village children weekly, provide shoes and food for men and women in prison, provide food, medical care and shelter and food for children rescued from the streets of prostitution and begging

Locally, we support Pawsitive Action Foundation, Inc. Pawsitive Action Foundation provides service dogs and training to veterans who have physical and mental needs.  They are based out of Florida and are opening a location in Rock Hill to provide their services to Veterans in York County.

As this year comes to end will you consider giving a Christmas and/or year end gift to The Body?  We have a lot of outreach opportunities planned for 2024 but The Body operates on a very small budget.  You can help to unsure we can continue to provide support to our ministry partners and that we reach more people for Christ in 2022 by tithing regularly, giving a Christmas gift and/or a yearend gift.

When you give to our church, God uses that gift to reach lost and hurting souls locally and abroad. Perhaps you will talk and pray as a family and consider a gift as a family. No gift is too small and every gift will go to bring glory to God. One thing is for sure. When we give to God, He never discards it. And, He will never send you a bill, because He has paid it all.

With Love and Faith,

Pastor Tim Fowler

NOTE:  f you give a gift via PayPal please choose to send it as friends and family so that the church may receive your full gift amount.  You can also mail your payment to The Body Church, 2115 Ebenezer Road, Rock Hill, SC 29732 or drop your gift in the white box on the wall next to the sound booth in the worship center.  


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