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We believe that giving is personal and an item tied to the heart.  The Body wants you to know that every dollar you invest in our ministry is reviewed and prayed over to determine where it will best impact our community and ministries we support.  There are many ways for you to give each week at The Body.  We collect a weekly offering where members and visitors can donate via check or cash.  We also offer online giving and you have the option to set up a regular donation through your online bank account.  Donations can be made from stock that is cashed in, estate planning and wills.  

If every Christian would simply give the 10% God asks them to give to their local church, we feel that many non-profit agencies would not have to exist because the church could meet the communities needs.  Would you prayerfully consider giving a regular tithe to The Body.  Offerings will help us to reach new goals throughout the year or meet church families needs.   Members are welcome to review our financial statements at anytime.

Thank you for planting seeds for Christ throughout our community and beyond with your donation.

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Thank you for your generosity! All donations go to helping us achieve our goals. Every donation is greatly appreciated.


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