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Senior Pastor - Tim Fowler

Following a 9-year stint in the Navy, navigating the waters of entrepreneurship, and navigating corporate landscapes that didn't align with my calling, I found my true purpose when God beckoned me into the ministry. Serving the Almighty has been the most fulfilling and rewarding journey, making Him the best boss I've ever had.

With three decades dedicated to ministry and 17 years as the pastor of The Body, I've worn many hats—from guiding youth to serving as an associate pastor before stepping into the role of senior pastor. Along the way, I've earned my Master's in Theology, and though the pursuit of a Doctorate is ongoing, I like to humorously claim it's a testament to the depth of the subject matter.

For over four decades, I've been happily married to my incredible wife, JoAnne, and together we've been blessed with three amazing children and nine delightful grandchildren. Our household is lively with two dogs, one of which has convinced herself she's human. When not immersed in ministry, JoAnne and I find joy in motorcycle rides, globe-trotting, scuba diving, hiking, and occasionally indulging in our favorite pastime—sleeping. I also find pleasure in fishing, golf, and proudly support the Gamecocks and Braves.

The Body isn't just a church; it's the realization of a pastor's dream. The authenticity of its people and the depth of our ministry have been an immense blessing. I extend a warm, personal invitation for you to join us in any of our activities at The Body. Together, let's experience the joy of genuine fellowship and worship.


Associate Pastor & Minister to the Deaf -  Dennis Bivins

Dennis is a retired high school teacher and a skilled sign language interpreter, and a passionate pastor with deep roots in The Body community. With a heart for people from all walks of life, Dennis is on a mission to help individuals connect with the church and discover their unique calling.

His proficiency as a sign language interpreter reflects not only linguistic expertise but also a commitment to inclusivity and communication for all.

Beyond his roles in education, Dennis is a devoted pastor at The Body, where his passion for building connections and fostering community shines. He thrives on helping individuals find their place within the church and guiding them towards their purpose.

Dennis shares his life's journey with his beautiful wife, Kelly, and takes pride in being a loving grandparent. His family values and commitment to community extend beyond the church walls.

A long-time member of The Body, Dennis embodies the spirit of fellowship and service. His warm personality and genuine care for others make him an invaluable asset to our community. Join Dennis on the journey of faith, connection, and discovery as we navigate the path of life together at The Body.




Community Outreach and Women's Ministry Leader - JoAnne Fowler

"Meet JoAnne, the heart and soul beside Pastor Tim in their incredible journey of ministry. As the wife of Pastor Tim, JoAnne has found profound joy in walking the path of faith and service with the one she loves. Her commitment to their shared ministry has been a source of strength and inspiration for The Body community.

Beyond her role as a pastor's wife, JoAnne is a proud grandmother to a host of beautiful children, bringing immense joy to her life. Her two canine companions, particularly the mischievous Aubrey, add an extra layer of delight to her daily adventures - she might even admit to Aubrey being her favorite, with a playful wink!

In the realm of business, JoAnne is a force to be reckoned with. Drawing from years of experience in non-profit work, sales, and real estate, she has successfully navigated various industries. Additionally, she owns and manages her own businesses, showcasing her entrepreneurial spirit and dedication.

Ministry isn't just a vocation for JoAnne; it's a shared passion. Working alongside her husband, she finds fulfillment in witnessing the transformative power of faith at The Body. JoAnne has a keen eye for connecting with people on a genuine level, fostering an environment where individuals discover their calling and experience renewed faith.

As a dynamic woman with a wealth of experience, JoAnne is a cornerstone of The Body. Her love, warmth, and dedication to both family and community make her an integral part of the tapestry that defines our church. Join JoAnne on this journey of authentic faith, love, and shared purpose at The Body."

Church Treasurer  - Kelly Bivins

Meet Kelly, our Finance Director and a seasoned CPA with a wealth of experience in guiding companies toward financial success. As a proud wife to Dennis, our esteemed associate pastor, Kelly has brought a true blessing to The Body community.

With a career spanning many years in the world of finance, Kelly's expertise has been nothing short of a blessing for our church. The importance of stewarding the funds entrusted to us through tithes and offerings led us to seek someone with not only financial acumen but also a heart for the community. Kelly emerged as the perfect fit, seamlessly taking on the responsibility to ensure that every financial aspect is handled with precision and integrity.

Beyond her role as Finance Director, Kelly is a natural leader and a wonderful friend to all who enter the doors of our church. Her warmth and approachability make financial matters more than just transactions—they become opportunities to build relationships and foster community.

Kelly's dedication to The Body goes beyond balancing books; it extends to fostering a culture of transparency, responsibility, and care. Her commitment to financial stewardship aligns seamlessly with our values, ensuring that every penny entrusted to The Body is handled with the utmost care.

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